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13:03 UK time, Thursday, 8 November 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Many of today's newspapers have the front pages they would have had yesterday if only the timing had been right. Well, time differences.

Souvenir editions abound now a conclusive result is in for the US presidential election.

The Times wraps itself in a huge photo of a smiling Barack Obama clouded in fluttering confetti, and its double-sided cover opens out into a giant election wall chart. But it's not all ticker tape parades - "Now for the hard part" intones the front page.

"Barack Obama wins. Wall St falls. The Republicans dig in for a fight. In Syria, the killing continues."

The Independent (still no poppy) headlines its souvenir edition "The tenacity of hope" and a photo of a seemingly more relieved than jubilant First Couple.

The Guardian (still no poppy) and Daily Telegraph choose the same photo of the First Family, run large in the case of the latter and huge in the former.

(Speaking of the Telegraph, is it Paper Monitor's imagination, or is its poppy getting bigger?)

And the Sun?

"WIGGINS KNOCKED OFF HIS BIKE BY VAN - hurt after shaving off lucky sideburns"

Ditto the Daily Mirror, minus the sideburns angle:


And the Daily Star has a topless I'm a Celebrity contestant on its front page - hello, MP Nadine Dorries - with a mini Ant and a mini Dec to obscure her bazoombas and the splash headline:

"Jungle Tory Nad puts her constituents first"

Similar photos appear in the Daily Mail, headlined: "Nadine, MP for (Sun)Beds".

Imagine being a fly on the wall when the chief whip took delivery of today's papers...

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