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17:46 UK time, Monday, 22 October 2012

This item on the acceptance of fine British foods on the other side of the channel was holding my attention for a while. Crumble, Stilton, all good British things. One eyebrow raised itself at chicken tikka masala but it has a British-flavoured history, so okay. But BLT? I don't think so.
John Marsh, Washington DC, USA

Surely, the "Dark Side of the Moon" is the side that permanently faces away from the Sun, while the "Far Side of the Moon" is the side that permanently faces away from the Earth. Don't "Speak To Me" about it - I'm "On The Run" and haven't "Time" to "Breathe", let alone discuss "The Great Gig In The Sky" when there is an "Eclipse".
mobydoc, Exeter, Devon

I know I'm too late for Friday's letters, but I just had to have a brag. Not only did I get the first 7/7 I've had for a while [in the quiz], but I also gained some kudos in the Caption Competition. I just hope this run of luck extends to the Euro-Millions...
And another thing (not my own name...), Dundee, Scotland


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