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15:03 UK time, Friday, 5 October 2012

Diane (Thursday's letters), generally speaking, it seems, either too many commas, or not enough, is the general rule, but far be it from rewrite any grammatical rules but I was once told that extremely long sentences without any commas weren't particularly advisable but for the life of me I can't remember why.
Graham, Purmerend, NL

"'Gravity limits the speed of the drops falling from the ceiling,' explained Koch." Sounds like it's probably best if you stick to the art, and let us handle the physics.
John Bratby, Southampton

Chuffed to bits today. Got 7/7 on the quiz! Can I have some kudos in book tokens please?
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall

After misreading the link as "Conga" in today's Congo fever case found in Glasgow story was a bit of a let-down.
Howard Gees, Nottingham

You'd think that a campaign costing millions of dollars would put out better ads than a badly-photoshopped photo of a guy covered in red lines that are supposed to be tape but obviously aren't.
David Richerby, Liverpool, UK

Ross McLaughlin (Thursday's letters): When everyone chooses 'speedy boarding', then you will be invited to upgrade to 'premier boarding' for an additional modest fee...
Ray, Turku, Finland


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