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17:23 UK time, Tuesday, 2 October 2012

At last! The rear of a male Middleton makes it into the press! PS Do we reckon it was the hat he wore to "the" wedding that he was trying to salvage for sentimental reasons...?
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

In a slight deviation from the game of Cabbaging, last night I challenged myself to see if I could find the list of Desert Island Discs for Ade Adepitan without using the keyboard - simply by clicking through various links on web pages. It's quite fun actually (although if anyone else tries this it is cheating to highlight a word, then copy and paste it into a search toolbar using the right mouse key).
Basil Long, Nottingham

Things we didn't know: 1. Potatoes cut into matchsticks are known as... matchsticks 2. Some Monitor readers know a little French; 3. Other Monitor readers know about Google Translate (other translation websites are available)... Je vais chercher mon manteau
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

"The chilled gravel stores the coolness until it is needed." At last, a cure for "Dad Dancing" you just need a bottle of Coolness in your pocket for emergencies.
Susan, Newcastle

Richard Martin (Monday's letters) - "Europe" and the "European Union" are two different things. It is perfectly possible to be pro-Europe (as a geographical entity) as far as the Ryder Cup is concerned, while being anti-European Union. Why the Ryder Cup team uses the EU flag as its flag is a different matter...
Tommy Scragend, Wigan


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