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15:49 UK time, Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Twenty-four hours is a very long time in the tabloids.

Take the Daily Mail. Yesterday it went big on the BRIDE (yes, it was actually written in capital letters) that was banned from getting married in her dream venue, "a posh Goldfinger hotel" called Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire.

Pauline Bailey, who is referred to as "a law graduate" and "a drug and alcohol counsellor" ended up "bursting into tears" when she received an email from the hotel's wedding planner by mistake, which described the couple as not the "type of people that we would want" to get married there, it says.

"We're a respectable, middle-class, hard-working, well-educated couple. Paul and I can hold our own anywhere and in anyone's company. We are thoroughly decent people and didn't deserve this humiliation," it quotes her as saying.

Her future husband, Mr Carty, 51, is describe as working "as an engineer for the Ministry of Defence".

Now Paper Monitor is not suggesting the hotel was in any way justified for trying to turn away the couple.

But it can't help but smile at the other way the story has developed today.

"The bride who's not exactly blushing!" is the online version of the paper's take on the story.

"Law graduate snubbed by wedding hotels turns out to be star of adult TV," it goes on, saying she is also a glamour model known as "Rachel T".

"Mr Carty apparently produces the segments Miss Bailey stars in," it goes on.

Paper Monitor imagines it has been a very long 24 hours for the couple too.

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