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17:04 UK time, Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Rail fares to increase. Syria to collapse. And someone called Chris Moyles apparently to leave a presenting job on the radio. Come back London 2012, my news feed is really missing you.
John Bratby

Hey,you Brits back home, that Olympic feelgood factor.....wink wink,nod nod,say no more......what's it like?
Martin Pearson, Hoosick Falls,Upstate NY,USA

Re early OMGs, how about 'Oh, my God, I feel my heart prone to slide back every moment!' in Memoir of the Rev. John Graham (1880)? But perhaps religious OMGs don't count?
Mark, Reading, UK

Monitor notes that the use of "OMG" in the 1917 letter to Winston Churchill actually contained the abbreviation OMG with Oh! My God in brackets.

"... the snake had feathers in its stomach that would help to identify the types of wildlife it was eating.". Now, I'm no expert; but might it possibly be birds? I'll get my boa.
David, Romford, UK

"Basil - 80th in 1904 - is today irreparably associated with Basil Fawlty or Basil Brush." People round these pages may beg to differ...
Basil Long, Nottingham

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