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Paper Monitor

10:39 UK time, Friday, 27 July 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

There's only one story to speak of this morning.

No, it's not the man wanted by the police for eating a bus seat. Nor is it the thieving couple, aged 77 and 68, fitted with electronic tags.

No, it's the 30th Olympiad, about to begin in London and, unsurprisingly, dominating every title.

For Paper Monitor's money, the best front page is that of the Times, a wraparound front-and-back job which features the bold slogan "LET THE GAMES BEGIN" over a sunrise behind an Olympics rings-bedecked Tower Bridge.

The Daily Mail's splash - "GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH BEGINS!" - is cheerful, upbeat and optimistic, not three adjectives that are always associated with that newspaper.

It's the Daily Mirror which comes closest to striking a downcast note, although positivity breaks out by the end of its banner. "Forget the £9.2bn, the security staff shambles, the traffic jams, the ticket fiascos, the crowded trains, the sponsorship rows, the rain, the heat, the dodgy banners, the wrong flag and even leaving out Becks," it begins. "The greatest show on earth starts today and it's going to be truly AMAZING."

The only slightly odd note, for Paper Monitor, is the Daily Telegraph's headline: "Get the party started."

In Paper Monitor's understanding, this phrase is best known as the title of a 2001 single by the popular beat singer Pink.

Will Telegraph readers appreciate the reference? Paper Monitor isn't sure, but hopes they, like everyone else, enjoys the games.


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