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Paper Monitor

14:02 UK time, Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Hurrah! It's still scorchio - "Britain's baking... and it's going to get hotter", exclaims the Daily Express - and so Paper Monitor continues to bask in finally-it's-summer-shocker-related stories.

And it's not all pictures of bikini-ed young women frolicking in the surf (long-standing readers of Paper Monitor will be familiar with your humble columnist's long-running strand, Brighton Beach Mammoirs). No, no - we also get some high drama in the shape of the "jaws-dropping" moment a canoeist came face-to-face with a "monster" 23ft shark near Land's End, in Cornwall, yesterday.

"Fins are hotting up", puns the Daily Star, but - soothes the Sun - it's "No fin to worry about", pointing out that the creature is no more than a harmless basking shark.

Phew. It's safe to get back in the water again, bikini-ed young women!

On which note - temperatures start soaring once more with the Star's comprehensive picture gallery of pop star Rihanna's best recent swimwear efforts, accompanied by detailed analysis.

The songstress - holidaying in the Med - has been posing in a number of snazzy designs - ranging from zig zag, leopard print, palm trees and bright orange fabrics. She's so versatile! Luckily for the Good Girl Gone Bad singer, Rihanna "looks sizzling hot in each and every one", sigh.

And according to new research, there's plenty more "hotness" left in the 24-year-old Bajan star - a number of papers, including the Daily Mail, nod to a survey which claims that British women feel sexiest at the age of 28 - Pippa Middleton is cited as an example poster girl - with their self-confidence peaking at 32.

Cue lots of images of appropriately-aged celebrity beauties, including the aforementioned Pippa..

Scorchio, indeed.

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