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15:26 UK time, Thursday, 21 June 2012

Longest daylight hours today and here it is dark and murky. Downhill all the way now until the bright lights of Christmas. I've cheered myself up by putting the sprouts on ready.
Aqua Suliser, Bath

Ah, so Paper Monitor (Wednesday) is not a middle-aged lady then. Otherwise he would know that Christian Grey is 25.
Jo , London, UK

Re: How much football can you talk about to a non-fan? The only thing I know about football is there is only one team in the league where you cannot colour in any of the letters even if you write them in capitals (that and the offside rule, of course).
Susan, Newcastle

What I would like to know is, is she still married?
Alex, London

Oh, Doctor Walker (Wednesday's letters),
Me bad at haikus / When with numbers sudoku / Even worse get coat.
Graham , Purmerend, NL


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