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16:10 UK time, Monday, 18 June 2012

Kevin Connelly says the Beaufort Scale has evocative language when compared to 'official' Met Office rain language but it doesn't. The Beaufort Scale actually just has six terms: calm, air, breeze, gale, storm and hurricane, which are occasionally coupled with one of six adjectives: light, gentle, moderate, fresh, strong and whole. It's really not that poetic.
Basil Long, Nottingham

Please don't withhold any kudos (Friday's letters). We've got enough problems with the liquidity of the Euro without kudos going into freefall. I'm hoping to be able to save enough kudos to be able to buy a life - eventually.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

Re 10 Things point 5. Phew I am pleased I read this story. Before moving I found these controlled crossings too fast, one had to be a whippet to get across before the green man started flashing and beeping "times up" warning. Sure it was a ploy to reduce the ever-growing grey population in the UK. Most crossings here are not controlled - there are a few but plenty time to cross and pedestrians take priority. Alarming when driving as a pedestrian lunges onto a crossing without looking, and there are crossings at the entrance to roundabouts, schools, all end of roads. UK take note and learn.
Tim McMahon, Martos/Spain


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