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17:23 UK time, Friday, 8 June 2012

Dear Monitor, your sartorial advice (Paper Monitor, Thursday) is most interesting, prompting me to wonder if a Monitor of Acceptable Male Attire should join forces with your Monitor of Weights and Measures in an attempt to create a world renowned Monitor Panel of Expertise. Obviously I could never put myself forward for such an important honorary position, however I can humbly assure your readers that I am entirely comfortable (nowadays) in sandals sans socks, even achieving the nirvana of bare naked deck shoes on a recent holiday with minimum chaffing. I do have a pair of cream coloured (beige, perhaps) jeans which seem to fall within the Theological grey area between white and coloured, but since they have been consigned to a divan drawer for the last 12 months I feel vindicated. Let me know. xx
Richard Martin, Doncaster Fashion Week, UK

Can you please publish both metric and "monitorite" measurements in articles? We have our own Guardian of Weights and Measures who will surely echo my request. Phrases such as "Bunting equivalent in length to more than 2,000 Routemaster buses..." leave me wondering just how far that is in metres.
Ross, The Olympic Borough, London

So you're going to do an article on racing. Who do you send? Mr Leggett!
Basil Long, Nottingham

To anyone thinking of placing a bet according to the predictions of an elephant or sea lion I would just like to point out that there is no such thing as psychic ability and the animals are only giving an opinion based on their own subjective analysis.
Martin Comer, London UK

Wouldn't this headline be more accurate if it was "Copy and paste"?
Judith, Weybridge, Surrey

While the mystery of Ukraine's definite article is cleared up, I'm still lost on the question of why Scotland, Italy and Germany gain a definitive article when their names are translated to Welsh (Yr Alban, Yr Eidal, Yr Almaen). They're far from alone; the UK, Egypt, Argentina, Finland, Netherlands, Maldives, Switzerland, Ivory Coast and, of course, Ukraine are all preceded by a definitive article in Welsh!
Griff, Caerdydd

To Rik (Thursday's letters): Ah, but this fashion designer could be using modern "business-speak"... in which case she could be referring to an expanding range of sizes.
Elasticated waist anyone?
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK


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