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15:23 UK time, Friday, 4 May 2012

I keep misreading this headline as "Ska pioneer Lord Brevett dies". I think that would have made the House of Lords much more fun.
David Richerby, Liverpool, UK

I am afraid I wandered off the reservation and found myself on the sports pages. The first headline to catch my eye was, "GB rowers must keep pushing". Ah. That's not very encouraging. Are we to tell our sprinters to backtrack and our cyclists to take a hike?
GDW, Edinburgh

My old university (which shall remain nameless) in the UK was so against hazing that sports and society captains were at risk of being thrown out of the union and expelled from uni if they were caught doing it - nobody dared.
Laura, Maldives

Like PM (Paper Monitor, Thursday) I too have visited Cafe Oto. But I'm baffled by Italian Vogue's description of it as "Britain's coolest music venue": Yes, they have some cool bands playing, but you can see them anywhere else, the artistes "cool" does not transfer to the room they're playing in! For anyone prompted, on the strength of this description, to visit, I'd like to point out that it's so tiny that if there's more than 50 people inside (and there usually is) it's overcrowded, and there's not enough chairs, so you'll either have to stand or sit on the floor. There's only one barman, and a bizarre system of queuing at the tiny bar, so getting a drink takes forever, and by the time you've fought your way back to your viewing spot, there's no chance of getting another until the concert's finished. And on the night I went, thanks to the concert finishing later than advertised, it took me three hours to get home by public transport. Since when did "coolest" come to mean "most awkward, inappropriate, and over-rated", or did something get lost in translation?
Rob, London, UK


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