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15:52 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2012

So the sonic boom over Coventry was caused by a typhoon just chasing a helicopter with a dodgy radio. Well, that seems far more likely than any theory that they were chasing aliens. I think we should quash any conspiracy theories before they start. There are definitely no aliens in the West Midlands. Tell your friends to stop this theory spreading.
Zargoz Destroyer of Worlds, Redditch

Is it merely a coincidence that a North Korean rocket malfunctions and a large bang is heard over the West Midlands? I feel a conspiracy theory coming on.
Darren, Leicester

I have no idea what time it is in the UK (to be fair, I hardly know what day it is at the minute) as I'm currently in Hong Kong cadging some free wifi (that's not the only reason I'm here), but surely it should be letters time so I can read them with this glass of wine before I hit the club?
Basil Long, Nottingham (though currently abroad - don't burgle me!)

Those pesky wallabies will try anything to get food, although I wasn't aware they were fond of fish.
Nik Edwards, Aylesbury

"Do movie trailers now reveal too much?" Does it matter when US trailers shown on UK television is spoiled anyway by the release date spoken in "American" (i.e. month date year)? It grates each time, categorically confirming that the film advertised is definitely one to miss.
R.G, Watford, Herts


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