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15:14 UK time, Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"But we're not making a northern Breakfast, we're just making Breakfast," - full english, fried egg, wholemeal toast, no mushrooms or black pudding, please. Thanks.
Ralph, Cumbria

Despite having only been in work and therefore near a computer or news for 2 days last week I still got 7 out of 7 on the quiz of the week! Quickly! Someone shake my hand! Simon Love, London

I've just worked out how to solve the drought! Just designate every single day as a Bank Holiday, and it's bound to rain for all of them. Douglas McWilliams wouldn't be pleased, though.
Michael Hall, Croydon

Technology eh? Facebook has just paid £1bn in money for a new facility that can be used from smartphones. Ah for the days of innocence when a "blackberry" was a fruit on a bush not what it is referred as today and usually only the doctor had a telephone in his house.How did we manage? Very nicely thank-you very much... just get my memory and go for a constitutional reminisce.
Tim McMahon, Martos/Spain

Re: stamps of disapproval. Yes, but is no one going to ask what they've done for Britain philately?
Candace, New Jersey, US


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