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18:50 UK time, Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To Simon: The "Gin" in Ginsters is pronounced as in "begin". I wish everyone would stop mentioning pasties. That's started my stomach rumbling all over again!
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Anyone else think this could be a disaster?
Sarah, Basel, Switzerland

No, no, no David I have now had the Pink Panther theme tune in my head for the past 3 hrs! Dur nuh, dur nuh, dur nuh, dur nuh, dur nuh, dur nuh, dur nuhhhhh...
Suzie, London

London breweries were not always as safe as you suggest.
Rahere, Smithfield

As a foreigner living in France I'd like to suggest that this news story
be retitled for the UK edition of the site as "Foreign president says foreign country has too many foreigners".
Chris in Paris, Paris, France


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