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17:21 UK time, Monday, 27 February 2012

Would it not be easier and cheaper to settle this over a game of Top Trumps?
Sue, London

Adjacent headlines on the BBC News front page: Risky mission: How Israel might strike at Iran's nuclear programme, just above: Boom or bust.
David Richerby, Liverpool, UK

For all the figures included in this story, the key ones are missing: Height 4.4m, width 2.55m, length 11.2m (14ft 5in by 8ft 4in by 36ft 9in for the traditionalists). Comparative height measurements therefore remain unchanged (Nelson's Column is still the height of 12 Routemaster buses) but length measurements should be reduced by two for every 11 "old" buses (the field at Wembley is now the length of nine, not 11 Routemaster buses).
Thank you for your patience whilst other comparisons are updated.
Ray Lashley, Guardian of Monitor Weights and Measures

In the Scandinavian food article, you say that "biksemad" is a classic Scandi dish, but the pedant in me is obliged to tell you that is its name in Danish. In Swedish, it's called "pytt i panna" (literally, small bits in a pan - similar to our bubble & squeak).
AnnieMouse, Dorking


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