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14:01 UK time, Monday, 30 January 2012

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If you missed it at the time, you're certainly going to be spoilt for choice by today's newspapers. And it's Novak Djokovic's shirt-ripping session, we're talking about.

The Daily Telegraph teases with its front-page photograph of the shirt being ripped off Incredible Hulk-like by an exhausted Djokovic. But it's the Guardian that really nails it on the front page of its Sports section. Under the headline Super Nova, its shot - taken from above - is of a bare-chested, extremely fit Novak, leaning backwards, clenched fists, eyes closed, wooden crucifix resting atop the Serbian's buff chest - looking more like a boxer than a tennis player - letting out a victory roar.

Given how exhausted the man must have been after the longest final ever in Grand Slam, it's a wonder he had the energy for such crowd-pleasing showmanship.

Definitely a picture worth a thousands words - and then some.

But the sub-editors have tried to put the event into words - the best coming from The Sun: "HE'S DJOK THE RIPPER," it screams. "Novak Djokovic ripped off his shirt in a show of 'roar power' after beating Rafael Nadal to take the Australian Open title".

So what happened to the shirt? Again if you missed it, Australia's Herald Sun provides the answer. It features a clip of Djokovic clearly picking out a young woman in the crowd and lobbing the shirt towards her. Quick as a flash, however, another woman grabs the shirt, leaving the younger lady slightly aghast.

THERE'S just one problem when you swipe Novak Djokovic's shirt as he tries to throw it to a young girl in the crowd after his epic Australian Open final win.

Your greedy act is probably going to be beamed to millions of television viewers worldwide.

Do you know the girl or the shirt snatcher?

Paper Monitor was momentarily confused when it copped an eyeful of Celebrity Big Brother winner Denise Welch and pals in The Sun lifting up their shirts in public.

Were they paying homage to Djokovic? No, it appears they were trying to engage the attentions of actor Tim Healy, who was celebrating his 60th birthday at a pub in Alderley Edge.

Now Paper Monitor can understand exposing oneself in Melbourne - it's warm there. But in Cheshire, in January?

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