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12:28 UK time, Tuesday, 13 December 2011

National market day? That's a bazaar idea. I'll get my stall.
Philip McAvoy, Derry

Should the UK copy the style of US local TV? Thirty to 60 dumbed-down minutes of random apartment fires, shootings, copper pipe thefts, and dancing traffic-control cops every evening? Spare yourselves.
Andrew Sutter @BBC News Magazine

There used to be a "local" channel in Birmingham. It was called Network 021 and was broadcast on cable in the early/mid 90s. It showed, er, images of Birmingham set to music and endless programmes about sugarcraft. And yes, it had local (cheap) adverts, as did all the channels to be fair. From that starting point, *anything* is an improvement.
Ian Oliver @BBC News Magazine

I would have loved to have heard this conversation. "Please Mister, can we have our ball back? and by ball we mean multi-million Dollar spy plane"
MCK, Stevenage

I have just read articles about new faeces and New Faces. Rarely does the most-used letter in the alphabet wield such ironic power.
Michael Houghton, Tunbridge Wells, England

I found a triple yolker in my box of Jumbo-size eggs the other day (Monday's Letters). Unfortunately, I was the only one home, but I do have photos.
Mary, Sydney

Forget all this business about "double-yolkers". Call me when someone buys a six-pack of all-chocolate Kit Kats.
MK, Stockport


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