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11:47 UK time, Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Anyone who moans about privacy today has missed the boat by around 20-25 years. The time to complain was just before widespread credit/debit cards and dial-up internet. No good moaning about it now, the horse bolted out of that stable decades ago.
Andrew Oakley @BBC news Magazine

Re: Should kids be made to remember every monarch? It gives them a base from which to learn history but I'm not sure it's absolutely essential. The attitudes of the rulers at the time affected the way the country carried out its business, so there's a benefit to knowing. But, to be honest, I'm not so sure the current school generation would know how to analyse or apply this information adequately. They're too busy learning other topics like "social studies" and media. That'll serve them well... Hmmm...
Ron Moger @BBC news Magazine

Dear MCK (Monday letters), I am very sorry but no matter how hard I try, I can only hear Dr Evil from Austin Powers saying this. Cue childish sniggers... I'll get my cat...
StuKP, My secret lair in a hillside in Warwickshire

Bottom inflation "pumping parties"? Either the world has gone mad or I am past my sell-by date - or both. The quicker CERN discovers the secrets of time travel and gets me back to 1858 the better.
Mark, Reading, UK

Oh BBC. "Millions of us happily invade our own privacy". How can I invade my own privacy?
njkobie @BBC_Magazine

Paul (, may I also recommend the Museum of Prunes in Granges sur Lot, France. In the summer it also boasts a maize maze!
Tamsin, Devon


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