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17:48 UK time, Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Re this story, have the police started an undiecover operation? I'll get my dirty mac.
Paul, Ipswich

Re the headline "Curb on foreign students 'biting'". Why just stop at foreigners? Muzzle UK students too!
Andrew, Malvern, UK

I am surprised that nobody has added to Basil Long's list of things to do when the clocks go back. Most Monitorites like to put the sprouts on to boil too.
Janice, Faversham

Paper Monitor has left his/her/its coat.
Marc, Oldham UK

Picture 4 is not Ally Pally, it's Muffin the Mule!
Ralph, Cumbria

Re: Random stat of 03:44 being when Britons are most likely to have their sleep interrupted, according to a study. There's a simple explanation for this - 03.44 is the time when the researchers decided to call hundreds of people to ask what time they were most likely to have their sleep interrupted. I'll get my night shirt.
Mr Moo, Hampshire

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