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10:27 UK time, Monday, 28 November 2011

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Finally! After taking what is an eternity for the newspapers, Fenton the dog has been tracked down and it's the Sun who got there first.

Time in media land works much the same as dog years, in that things move a lot faster than they do in ordinary life. So taking a few days to find the dog that became a global sensation last week means it must have been a pretty tough job. Pity the trainee reporters sent to parks every day looking for unwitting canine star.

Over two million people have now watched the YouTube video of Fenton chasing around 40 deer through Richmond Park, London. The incident was filmed by 13-year-old Jake Goodyear on his mobile phone. Arguably the real star of the show is his horrified owner who is trying - and failing - to control him.

The pair were tracked down to London's Wimbledon Common and this time Fenton was firmly on a lead. His owner, an architect and father of two called Max, was not keen to give any sort of comment, reportedly for fear of being prosecuted for failing to control his pet. Luckily, "a friend of the family" is on hand to sum up how he feels:

Max is mortified. Fenton's a lively dog, but he'd never done this before. Max won't be taking him back to Richmond Park any time soon and is considering giving him a new name if the fuss goes on"

Surely there's no need. Before you know it parks across the country will be full of Fentons, inspired by the deer chaser.

But in what must be one the most least-shocking exclusives the Sun has got in years, the newspaper "reveals" that Fenton was given up as "unsuitable" by Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Never mind. Their loss is definitely our gain.

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