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15:34 UK time, Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Would love to go and see Jerusalem as the subject matter touches on many of my own thoughts about rural life. Sadly at £55 a ticket I don't think many of us in the 'sticks' will be able to afford to see it. Kind of ironic don't you think?
John Burton, Carmarthen. UK

Re: Triumphs and travesties. So how much of your time at school was wasted learning things that aren't true?
Simon Dolan @BBC_Magazine

She's back! This time with what looks like a kebab. It was probably something she ate.
Brian Gunn, Muscat, Oman

Instead of how to say place name in a country on the other side of the world, how about teaching tv presenters, particularly news readers how to say CONTROVERSY. Its NOT CONTRAVERSY.
Mick Kessell, Crawley Sussex

I don't believe any of these letters (Monday's Letters) about doughnuts. They're full of holes.
John Thompson, Kirkby Lonsdale

Tim McMahon (Monday's Letters), shouldn't you have got your shroud?
Debby, Chelmsford, Essex


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