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15:54 UK time, Friday, 21 October 2011

Teens always have their own way of speaking. We used words our parents didn't like or understand, but what I can't stand is text speak especially when its used in other situations in place of English.
Sarah Walmsley @BBC News Magazine

"Birmingham Prison inmates locked in cells after key loss". Isn't there the teeniest flaw in this plan?
Mark, Reading,UK

Who is the man behind the V for Vendetta masks? The Stig?
Owen Williams @BBC News Magazine

Congratulations to Rob Falconer (Thursday's letters), for getting 7/7 on the quiz about CVs, I think he will need more than that to find another job in Britain
Tremorman, Newcastle

Mark (Thursday's letters), I assume you're not going to get your coat?
Eleanor, Reading, UK

I'm having a bad day, but I think Tuesday might be better. Shall I let you know?
Claire, Nottingham


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