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15:54 UK time, Monday, 17 October 2011

Re: Random Stat. "11 per cent of motorists believe they would fail if asked to resit their driving test". Great - can we do it then? Re-test every five years perhaps? That would either reduce traffic by 11%, or increase standards of driving a bit - sounds like a good thing to me either way.
John Bratby, Southampton

"British Gas and Npower will pledge not to raise prices again this year." Excellent. All two-and-a-half months (barely even a fifth) that is remaining of the year.
Basil Long, Nottingham

As you'd expect, this story focuses on the towns of Battle and Hastings, but overlooks the tiny, yet no less significant, hamlet called "Of" which lies between them and without which, history would have made far less sense. I'll get my chain mail.
Sue, London

Friday's Ten Things: No. 10 - if it was really good how would you know?
Dec, Belfast

I love all the newsworthy snippets from the week's news (10 Things). It's a short synopsis of things going on and makes for really great conversation starters with my friends and partner.
Carol Kennedy, Lake Arrowhead, California USA

Frederic (Friday's Letters), I assume you will be handing in your PA card then?
Andrew, Malvern, UK


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