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14:54 UK time, Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

Among the Conservative Party conference stories on the Guardian's most read political stories is the eye catching question: Can owning a cat be grounds for deportation? The article comes after Theresa May claimed that an illegal immigrant was able to use the Human Rights Act to appeal against his deportation because he had a cat. But Polly Curtis's Reality Check says this wasn't true. She says it's all got confused: The cat in question was used as proof in court of a stable relationship - not the reason for allowing someone to stay.

New York Times readers are emailing round an article trying to work out how yoga became about physical exertion and seemingly infinite accessories. It used to be spiritual, not about moving at all, really. That's what the biographer of the man who introduced yoga to the US. "Precious few of the estimated 16 million supple, spandex-clad yoginis in the United States, who sustain an annual $6bon industry, seem to have a clue that they owe their yoga mats to Vivekananda," notes Ann Louise Bardach. She adds "enriching this irony was Vivekananda's utter lack of interest in physical exertions beyond marathon sitting meditations".

Daily Mail readers are not alone in their apparently insatiable attitude for details about Amanda Knox's appeal. But they do take a break from the story to check out awkward wedding pictures. Cue strange embraces and unfortunate backgrounds.

Meanwhile, The Times' readers are also catching up on embarrassing photos, albeit for different reasons. Filipino officials have been caught out having photoshopped themselves at a disaster scene after a typhoon. After uploading the picture on Facebook, it became a hit with bloggers who placed the men in Abbey Road and even the moon.


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