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13:21 UK time, Wednesday, 10 August 2011

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For editors who often struggle to fill their pages at this time of year, August 2011 has been very different. As if the global financial crisis wasn't more than enough to take up column inches, the tales of vandalism and looting taking place across England have been seized upon with even greater relish.

As events climaxed on Monday night, it may have been that bit too late for Tuesday's editions to do them justice. However Wednesday's papers certainly make up for it with, in some cases, more than a dozen pages of coverage.

Amidst the many images of the Robocop-esque police officers and hooded looters, one story that would, in any normal August, almost definitely have hit the front pages is that of the Olympic beach volleyball test run.

The Guardian does an excellent job of not only featuring one such photograph. It's of the women's game of course. Does the men's equivalent ever get a look in? But the paper avoids looking frivolous by neatly tying it into the fears for London's Olympics after said riots. Very tidy.

For the Daily Telegraph whose readers may not be so au fait with the localities of Tottenham and Hackney, the reports of the "Nappy Valley" (otherwise known as Clapham Junction) clean-up may have offered something more familiar.

As residents took to the streets armed with brooms and brushes, columnist Bryony Gordon writes of "Yummy mummies who shop in Waitrose and eat in Recipease, the Jamie Oliver outfit that has hake fillet with Scottish rope-grown mussels on the menu."

What her article fails to mention is that said Jamie Oliver restaurant was untouched by the looters as others around it were raided. Somewhere for the yummy mummies to down their Marigolds and break from street cleaning for a spot of lunch perhaps?


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