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11:10 UK time, Tuesday, 9 August 2011

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Big stories that happen overnight in the UK present problems for newspapers.

Anything that happens particularly late at night is difficult, throwing up an exercise where editors almost have to guess what will happen and steer the tone of the coverage accordingly.

But most of the newspapers appear to have realised early that last night would see a lot more rioting.

The Sun doesn't move its page three girl, something it often does when there's a really big story, but it gives six pages to the rioting.

The Daily Mail has nine and some of the most extraordinary images, but there's a certain incongruity on the front page. A picture of masked rioter against a backdrop of flames dominates the splash.

But the "blurb" over the masthead is "win this £350,000 dream cottage" with a picture of a thatched roof.

Like many of the papers there's a curious disconnect between the front of the paper and first few pages, dominated by the riot coverage and the inside pages where the normal world of August newspapers prevails.

Particularly on page 21 of the Daily Mail where there is a lovely summer feature about natural floral confetti, written by the extraordinarily named Ticky Hedley-Dent.

The Times also has six pages, although it's at pains to stress the sheer scale of the financial crisis dominating the news in much of the rest of the world. The Daily Mirror has five pages and it eschews the option of a "poster front".

The Daily Express goes with the same image as the Mail but its front page is less powerful, mixing in another story and a deep blurb.

The normal summer newspaper fayre seems strange.


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