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16:41 UK time, Monday, 25 July 2011

Not sure it fully qualifies as nominative determinism but this story about science, telescopes AND Henri Boffin ? Gold.
Eddie, Crawley

While I admit that a wide range of subjects would have been open to our friend Henri when he set out as a nipper, surely he's been shepherded along the path of nominative determinism?
Matt, Hove

Monitor: And thanks to the numerous others who also spotted this one.

Julie (Friday letters), I think it depends if the Speaking Clock went of its own free will. The record of ex-Brits doing time in Australia against their wishes is not always a happy one.
Lewis Graham, Hitchin

David (Friday letters), I have, er, a friend who is thinking of starting The Binary News Quiz club for people who regularly score 0 or 1. It only has 1 member at the moment, if your, er, friend wants to join that would make 10.
Bryan Poor, Oxford

With regards to this story and the quote at the end of the article, am I the only one who thought, sad as the story is, that they could have got all those moments and memories back by reorganising their wedding day (and sending the bill to the police)?
Julia, Birmingham, UK


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