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17:45 UK time, Thursday, 14 July 2011

I liked the story of Manhattanhenge, and it reminded me of a day I was driving home through the Mersey Tunnel. A uniformly-lit route, I was rather worried to see a fiery orange glow ahead of it when I was still deep underground. When I approached the final bend, I realised that the sun was in the tiny portion of the sky visible when you were still 200m from the exit. I regret not noting the date, as I'm sure the sun will only be in that position for a few minutes each year. We could call it The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Day.
Ruaraidh, Wirral, UK

To Tim McMahon (Tuesday Letters); If we're being pedantic, you should be addressing your challenge to pedants - pedantic isn't a noun.
Rosy, Reading, UK

Re: Bird imprints on windows. Ralph thinks this might be die to bird stupidity but the sparrowhawk that attempted to dive-bomb my mother's budgies behind a closed patio door clearly had other things on its mind. It did come back for a second go though.....
Steve-o, Sheffield

In case anyone else was wondering, the Daily Mail's measurements tell us that one African elephant weighs slight more than 428,647 one-pound coins, and Big Ben is approximately 46,171,429 stacked 50-pound notes high.
Nadja, Bostonian about Russia

I wonder how many times did the author ran this article through the spellchecker?
Paul I, St. G, Cornwall

Can someone please enlighten me as to how they measured earthquakes this accurately in 1734?
Andrea, Peak District

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