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Paper Monitor

12:53 UK time, Monday, 11 July 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

It's the morning after the night before. Paper Monitor does not normally enjoy spending the wee hours of Sunday morning snuffling around London's Leicester Square looking for an early edition of the News of the World.

And it was all in vain, as the matter had to wait until the morning. But such is the nature of duty.

Onto less serious matters, and the Richard Desmond papers are continuing their efforts to keep the readership well-nourished, with an offer of free almond slices on the front.

But inside there is nourishment of a different kind. It's not often that Paper Monitor finds a feature in the Daily Express that it wishes it had done, but there's a definite today. They dedicate the whole of page 13 to an ode to the historical novel.

Less nourishing is a piece on what has gone wrong with Coronation Street. Paper Monitor seems to recall Brian Sewell doing this last week in his column in the Daily Mail.

Over in the Mail there's a classic example of the curse of old media. The paper announces the birth of David Beckham's latest offspring and accompanies it with a box of odds for the likely name. Despite 24 names being on there, the correct one, Harper, doesn't get a sniff.

The Mail is one of the newspapers to draw attention to parting messages left by staff as clues in the News of the World's crosswords.

Paper Monitor has to admit that while it kept a keen eye out for any acrostic naughtiness in yesterday's paper, it did not have time to do both crosswords.

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