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14:34 UK time, Thursday, 2 June 2011

John (Wednesday Letters), you do indeed worry too much. The secret to a happy and peaceful life is to never worry about anything until it happens, and then you're too busy dealing with it to worry. Oh damn... now I'm worried about you...
Rob, London, UK

During my degree I had a Maths question that couldn't be solved so I spent my time working out what the question should have been and passing this back to the tutor overseeing the exam. Did I get any extra marks for this? Sadly no, but I'm nearly over it now...
John Airey, Peterborough, UK

Re Paper Monitor: Sturgeon fish (dangerous slapping). The Monty Python dance comes to mind... titter.
Candace, New Jersey, US

Reading this story about rats on a plane, I'm wondering how rare something is if it's never happened before? At what tipping point does "never" become "rare"? Also, "rats on a plane" sounds like a good plot-line for a movie.
Carl, Crepy, France

Tautology alert? Surely the BBC is supposed to be the last bastion of proper English?
Alex Thompson, Stafford

Double negative?
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

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