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16:05 UK time, Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Is dangerous cycling really a problem? Most cycle lanes are at the kerbside next to the pavement, that is a hazard in itself. Pedestrians need more education about crossing the roads (Green Cross Code). Nobody stops, looks left and right anymore or listens, they just step out. As for cyclist jumping red lights this maddens me because as a cyclist myself, I always stop at the STOP line and they shoot pass me. Police need to start penalising them more.
Matt Dow @BBC News Magazine

I wasn't aware professional interviewers weren't "ordinary people" too (a journalist writes). GuyClapperton @BBC_magazine

When is it OK to compliment a stranger in the street? I've been complimented on my bicycle by a man I didn't know. To be honest, intergender compliments *are* a minefield. I like the advice in the article (given by a man, to men), that any such compliment should be acceptable to "your mother".
Amanda Bates @BBC News Magazine

Is it OK to compliment a stranger in the street? Street, no. Bar or club, yes. Context.
Sproates @BBC_magazine

The award to the worst article to view whilst at work goes to...
Ellie, Oxford, UK

David (Tuesday letters), I can think of a slightly less fair test for humans. It's called life. We are all compelled to take part but the mortality rate is somewhat worse than 1.5%.
Sarah, Oxon

Re the explanations to why some men don't wear wedding rings (Tuesday letters). But shouldn't exactly the same logic/safety reasons apply to women as well? Yet more women continue to wear their wedding rings (at least in their spare time).
Jane, Midlands, UK

Why? Why did I read Tuesday letters? I know why wearing a ring in any form of mechanical/construction/sporting environment is a bad thing. Yet still I read.
Phil, Oxford

Oh Monitor, you had to ask didn't you! Feeling rather queasy now.
Jen, Chichester


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