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15:10 UK time, Thursday, 28 April 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

The Daily Mail's most read list is dominated by royal wedding news including reports that Kate Middleton will not promise to obey in her wedding vows, hymns from Princess Diana's funeral will be sung at the wedding service and that Prince William played a game of football.

In other popular news, the Dutch are importing Polish people to celebrate their Queen's national day according to a popular with Radio Netherlands story. The article says Thousands of volunteers are needed to stage the street parties around the country. But fewer and fewer Dutch people are willing to do volunteer work. It goes on to say that one village has "come up with a novel solution to the problem". It's going to import two busloads of Polish citizens to help organise the town's festivities.

The New York Times reports on a theory that technology has sped human evolution in an unprecedented way during the past century. Dubbed the biggest story in human history, the "technophysio evolution," has been powered by advances in food production and public health. This has led to changes in height, weight, disability and longevity. The article says the improvements have outpaced traditional evolution so much that "people today stand apart not just from every other species, but from all previous generations of Homo sapiens as well".

One of Voice of America's most emailed stories claims that a delay in creating a US law about so called conflict minerals is "sharpening divisions".
The article explains that the aim of the law is to force thousands of companies that report to the Securities and Exchange Commission and obtain minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and nine neighbouring countries to reveal the sources of tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold they use.This is an attempt to stop the indirect funding of the war in DRC. But resistance has come from manufacturers and hi-tech industry who complain the law is too drastic.

A popular Al Jazeera story reports on a new book that disputes the accepted story of Malcolm X's life. The book talks about how he moved away from radical views of black separatism. It also suggests Malcolm X cheated on his wife.

Russia Today's most read article calls the new US passport questionnaire absurd. The form may require some applicants submit a full employment history and the list of ever residence they have held since birth. This includes details on pre-natal and post-natal care, the mother's residence one year before and after the applicant's birth, the names of those in attendance at the birth and those present for any religious or institutional events surrounding the birth.


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