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16:08 UK time, Monday, 14 February 2011

Re: Can children cope with bloodshed in books?, I have spent the better part of 70 years wondering why I was encouraged to read Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson. Bloody, they were.
Lucy Russell-Straw via Facebook

My daughter at about eight asked me to stop reading Harry Potter when Aunt Marge was "blown up" like a balloon. Just follow their lead.
Kirsten May via Facebook

Re 10 things, No 6: I seriously doubt that. I would have thought their enjoyment would be crushed by the tiresomeness of all those witty barmen asking "Why the long face?"
Adam, London, UK

Once again, we have a non-current story (from March 2010) occupying the top spot in the "Most Read" list. It's been there, for pretty much all of this morning. To be honest, I'd missed that Corey Haim had died last March - evidently many others did too.
Paul, Croydon

Re: "Android launches lead mobile show", I thought phones these days were made of more exotic materials...
Paul Greggor, London

There's always the lazy DJ's favourite, Godley & Creme's Wedding Bells. Heard a Radio 1 DJ play it in the late 80s. The stunned silence at the end was great.
Nickthevet via Magazine Monitor

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