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15:29 UK time, Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Re: Working, middle, upper - which class are you? I don't believe in any of them. I work, I go home I do what I want, sleep, make plans etc. So does prince Charles and the bus driver.
John A Walsh @BBC News Magazine

What is the word that describes the disappointment that I felt on reading the headline "Fox helps pregnant woman on plane", only to find on clicking through that it was Liam Fox, not the four legged variety. Such utter disappoinment it is hard to describe. There must be a word, please advise!
Ellie, Herts

Fox helps woman on plane - the follow up to Snakes on a Plane?!
Jenn, Porthcawl, Bridgend

I'll start by saying I hate football. Nothing to do with being a female - motorcycling is my sport and they race with broken bones for a fraction of the money that footballers (who'll limp off with a broken toe-nail) get. Anyway, rant over, and back on point. I learned the offside rule (or enough at least to be able to recite some and give the impression of understanding the basics) without the use of handbags/shoes/lipstick. And I did this for one reason alone (the same reason I learnt the principle of how the rotary engine in my car worked) - there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a sexist man's expression when you've proved you know more than just how to apply nail varnish. I'll get my top coat.
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

Al, (Tuesday's letters), perhaps Gordon Brown could offer some explanation of the "open mike rule"?
Graham, Hayle

Tuesdays Paper Moniter hit the nail on the head, Re: sexism. The "news"papers have no place to comment on such stories given they are responsible for displaying these views themselves and encouraging these outdated attitudes towards women, with the drivel they publish daily.
Nicola, UK

The name Martin has appeared on the ( letters) page for the last 4 days. Can we make it 5 days in a row?
Martin, Luxembourg


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