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15:49 UK time, Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The pig farm training feature struck a bitter blow against nominative determinism by interviewing a completely inappropriately-named pig industry expert.
Jan Podsiadly, Croydon

Re: Paper Monitor - not to be a pedant, but the Atomic Kitten in question was actually Jenny Frost, not Kerry Katona. I'll get my cat.
Dane Barr, Belfast

Jim from Coventry (Monday's letters), thank you! and I bet the wardrobe lady at the panto wished she'd been privy to that info.
Jo, Aylesbury

Like Dee A Smith (Monday's letters) I don't care about the sex of the Beckham's next baby but that's not really the point of the Magazine article or, indeed, the Magazine. The idea that some couples or people in certain jobs/situations may be more likely to have a baby of a particular sex is surely worth an article even if the conclusion is (*spoiler alert*) that it's probably not true.
Michael, Edinburgh, UK

Ellie (Monday's letters), the Toronto Star has a regular feature doing just that, called Acts of kindness.
Paul, Ipswich

Having been told repeatedly throughout the article - and even had it explain why it is - that the lasers are green lasers, why does the artists impression show red lasers?
Basil Long, Nottingham

Somebody hand Ste McGee (Monday's letters">Monday's letters) his coat. Thanks.
M Ross, Lancaster, UK

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