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15:36 UK time, Friday, 3 December 2010

Re: Woman dials 999 to report snowman theft. I assume she wanted the perpetrator slammed in the "cooler".
Carl Evans, Crepy, France

So the nation is heartbroken is it? Some of us are actually relieved that we won't have to spend the next 8 years hearing about the World Cup, and couldn't be more ambivalent. Sorry.
R Slack, Cambridge

A nice day off? Two snow days has enabled me to just about get on top of the marking and lesson planning and organising that I don't get a chance to do during the week when I'm actually teaching, despite working 15 hour days!
Jen, London

There seems to be an overwhelming number of people who think schools shut only because teachers struggle to get in. What about boilers breaking down meaning the building is left below the 16C legal limit? What about the lack of food in the canteen because the delivery hasn't arrived? What about the lawsuits you get from parents who slip on ice on the paths down? And by the way, if the majority of parents sent kids in my class to school wearing suitable clothes we CAN play outside in the snow. Unfortunately I saw several who arrived on Friday wearing plimsolls, skirts without tights and jumpers but not coats.
Emma, North East

To Max Grieve (Thursday's letters), who wonders how Finland manages to keep schools open in the winter: Constant ploughing, winter tyres, adequate clothing, and a different quality of snow, which is a good deal easier to shift. If we had the same amount as Britain has had in such a short time, we too would be struggling. It all costs enormously, but choices are limited when you have a winter that can last for six months. Closing down for that length of time compared to closing for a few days really speaks for itself.
Raymond Hopkins, Kronoby, Finland

Nice to see an article about the tramp that fooled the Nazis, makes a change from all the weather articles!
Kelly Morrison, Rochester, UK

Michael Hall (Thursday's letters), Croyden and Adam, London, both published on the same day in July and December. How lovely. If it's not the same Adam please don't spoil it for me by telling me so.
Helen, Norwich

Michael (Thursday's letters), I don't suppose you know the New Zealand Lotto numbers for tomorrow, do you?
Lee Pike, Auckland, NZ

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