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15:48 UK time, Friday, 29 October 2010

I was going to get up and take a walk to combat my sedentary lifestyle but there was a bit at the end of the article about not taking risks and it looks like it could rain so...
Chris Clarke, Grenoble, France

Re: Apathy in the UK. Bet you get loads of letters on this one.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

Re: Alex (Thursday's letters) Many years ago I was operated on by a surgeon called Mr Handslip. Fortunately, he didn't live up to his name.
Sylvia Murphy, Eastbourne, UK

It appears he has defected to the opposition - maybe that's why "shadow foreign secretary William Hague registered no gifts". (Now corrected)
Conor, Belfast

Holding her hat down? Covering her face so that she doesn't get caught by the camera? Nursing a sore ear? Just a few explanations off the top of my head that are far more likely than time travel. How would she get a signal, anyway?
Aaron, Lowestoft, UK

It's a disgrace! They should all be sent to a penal colony. Oh, wait...
Phil, Guisborough

Re: Kat Gregg's Scrabble dilemma. (Thursday letters) Just name your cat (or any pet) "Av" and you can use it. After all, proper nouns are now permitted. To take it further, get an ant farm, name every ant after a two letter combination and you're sorted!
Lester, London, UK

I've noticed recently that the media are now pronouncing Pakistan as Parkistan - can someone tell me why the R is being put in where there isn't one?
Stewart, Bristol

Regarding 'Poppy Watch', I saw the MOTD2 persenters wearing poppies on Sunday 24th October. Surely a little early for this years poppies I thought at the time. This was confirmed when I read that this year's poppy Appeal was launched yesterday. Yes, you can wear your poppy at anytime. But this year's not last year's.
Saffron Garey, Southampton

Monitor: Paper Monitor was dozing this morning and failed to spot the red-tops and middle market papers all sporting poppies. The Daily Mail was sporting the biggest, although it was missing a leaf. PM prize for artistic merit to the Daily Express.

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