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15:57 UK time, Monday, 4 October 2010

So experts are baffled as to why certain Bangladeshi tigers are so small. Surely this is to allow them to fit more easily into petrol tanks.
Graham, Purmerend, NL

I'm not sure why Alex, Bristol, thinks "one-fourth" (Thursday's letters) is an Americanism, because it appears in an article by a BBC correspondent about a UK-Japanese collaboration. I've never heard "one-fourth" in the US, especially not in the fourth quarter of an American football game, in which a quarterback plays. Maybe he should keep his Knibb out.
Brian Saxby, Chicago, USA

I do think that MM should put a warning out when there is a particularly funny letter - I have had to clean my keyboard of coffee after reading the letter from Sue, London (Friday's letters).
Lynne Holmes, Lincoln

Adam (Friday's letters), these cars do have indicators, it's just that they only function when the car is stationary on double yellow lines (or at a bus stop). Then the left and right indicators flash simultaneously.
grumpyoneuk, Ilford

Re: 10 Things number seven: All I can think of is a whistle-blowing conductor hollering, "Commuters, READY!"
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

After seeing the picture in this article, I was waiting for the A-ha quote. Or am I the only one thinking that the three guys in the picture look very similar to those '80s Norwegian heart-throbs?
Johan van Slooten, Urk, The Netherlands

A personal worst in the 7 days quiz - 1/7. Thank goodness for the giant penguin, not often you get to say that!
Ellie, Herts


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