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10 things we didn't know last week

16:42 UK time, Friday, 1 October 2010

Snippets from the week's news, sliced, diced and processed for your convenience.

10 Flags

1. Elgar wrote world's first football chant.
More details

2. The UN has an Office of Outer Space Affairs.
More details (Independent)

3. There's a market for mammoth ivory and it sells for £330 per kilogram.
More details (Telegraph)

4. Neanderthals were tech-savvy.
More details

5. Engineers estimate that 12 to 15 tonnes of rock will need to be cleared by the trapped Chilean miners each day.
More details

6. In French, the words for "inflation" and "fellatio" are very similar.
More details

7. The first travelator in the UK was at Bank Tube station in London.
More details

8. Former PM Edward Heath left his home to the nation as a museum when he died.
More details

9. Intestinal worms can grow to more than 2m long.
More details (Guardian)

10. Penguins have been around for 36m years.
More details

Seen 10 things? Send us a picture to use next week. Thanks to Vic Barton-Walderstadt for this week's picture of 10 flags.


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