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15:52 UK time, Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I don't think I have ever been more disappointed with a headline: "Cannibal star gobbles neighbour".
SAS, High Wycombe

Anyone else think of Anthony Hopkins first?
Sukie, Loughborough

"Cannibal star gobbles neighbour". I assume I wasn't the only one expecting something much more gruesome?
Phil, Oxford

Will spectacles be obsolete in 10 years? Misread this as "Will testicles be obsolete ..."
simon_watkins @BBC News Magazine

Re the mental agility tests in Can you trick your ageing body into feeling younger?, the worst for me is the spotting the difference between two photos test. It tells me I'm 63, double my age now.
Hafizi Azmal @BBC News Magazine

Monitor note: The Magazine came out as 75 on that one. But 18 on Ugly Mugs and 39 on Spacehopper...

In order, 51, 26, 27, 52 and I'm pushing 60, so no flies on me (yet) mate.
Ian William Johnson @BBC News Magazine

Well, I managed 18, 27, 23 and 25, which is something of a comfort given that I actually am 27. Although the fact that I got all the way to work this morning and then realised I'd forgotten my work passes probably means the rot is setting in.
Lucy Smith @BBC News Magazine

The link to this article claims Mexico's planning its largest bicentennial ever (screenshot). I'm really wondering when their other bicentennial was...
Nadja, Bostonian in Moscow, Russia

Gaga: "I am not a piece of meat" she says. Haha. She's a mere product of the pop industry and not much more. Dont look for depth where there are only shallow publicity stunts. Soon her PR managers are going to run out of those and she'll be another ridiculous has-been in a rehab.
Greg Ler @BBC News Magazine

Haven't you heard? Today is "Let's NOT discuss ‎Lady Gaga's Stoopid Meat Dress". Tomorrow is "Let's not discuss anything Lady Gaga" day. Day after is "Please bring back Octomom, so we can talk nonsense about her again" day.
Ginou InGinouity Meijer @BBC News Magazine

Just thought everybody would like to know that I wore a nice blue shirt with matching tie to work today. Less newsworthy than Lady GaGa, but will smell a lot better tomorrow.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

Phew! Thanks for the clarification. I'll get my moat...
Jenn, Porthcawl, Bridgend


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