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15:42 UK time, Monday, 23 August 2010

Beer microbes live 553 days outside ISS. I'd rather they were in IPA.
Fred, Rotherham

Re: What did Last of the Summer Wine teach us? It really does portray accurately what old people get up to. Number of times I've been to Yorkshire and seen three old men rocket down a hillside in a bath.
Paul Holmes, Preston

We did not need to "learn" anything from them! It does not need detailed analysing. I just enjoyed the gentle and sometimes quite sharp humour, the theme music, the beautiful location and performances from a quality cast. Often the conversations of the ladies over cups of tea, were little observational gems which could only come from the best of British comedy.
Brian Keighley, Sutton Coldfield

So the supposed Channel crocodile sighting turned out to be a false alarm, but "officials have said that the wood probably did look like a crocodile from a distance." Probably? So there's a chance that observers were foiled by a piece of wood that looked nothing like a crocodile?
Kat Gregg, Coventry

Jen (Friday's letters), no idea if your question was a joke or not, but the 'if' in your question is there for a reason - number of A*s awarded can only be indicative of how easy a course is if everyone has to take it. If we want to generalise as massively as the media does, "soft" subjects are taken by those less likely to get A's in 'proper' subjects, and so those less likely to get high grades at all. Whereas further maths is taken only by those who are a) very good at maths, and b) really like maths, thus giving them the ability and motivation to work to get the A*. The same applies to other "proper" subjects. Rant over. People can go on all they like about declining standards, it's not students' fault, well done everyone who got their results.
Louise, Surrey

I love the idea of sending in pictures of re-enactments of A-level day. If we had an equivalent here in the US, I'd send one too. Since you've called for anguish, though, I wonder how many people are just going to submit copies of Drunk Girl's picture?
Dragonn, Concord, Calif, US

On from Monitor's challenge, for anyone skilled with photoshop, surely Willem Defoe's final moments in Platoon with a piece of paper clutched in one hand would be the winner. Or for the really committed, find an A-Level student, dress them up and film the whole thing complete with blood squibs. I reckon that would make at least the Sun's website.
Bas, London

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