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10:26 UK time, Thursday, 8 July 2010

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor loves a bargain, and more so the sense of stubborn satisfaction that comes with somehow getting one over authority.

And now, it seems, Paper Monitor has a kindred spirit in Vincent Graff of the Daily Mail, who tilts at the giant windmill that is Ryanair by circumventing the airline's draconian hand luggage policy.

Let Mr Graff explain for himself:

There are all sorts of rules about the bags you can carry but none that govern the clothes you can wear.
So today I'm wearing a jacket that has 17 pockets - into which I have stuffed virtually everything I need.
In other words, I'm wearing my luggage instead of carrying it.

Under Ryanair rules, he explains, passengers are only allowed one item of hand luggage, weighing no more than 10kg. Beyond this, they can only check in one 20kg bag for an extra £30 - anything heavier can incur a charge of up to £160 return.

The haul that he manages to stuff into his huntsman's field vest includes "my laptop, four T-shirts, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, sunglasses, mobile phone, camera, a torch, books, notepad and a first-aid kit".

This amounts to no less than an extra 1.8kg above the hand luggage limit on board - and all for nothing.

Some might sneer at the thought of the reporter sweltering in the check-in queue as part of his Quixotic mission. But Paper Monitor, who has been known to board flights with items of laundry poking out of every pocket, can only applaud. (Although not from the cheap standing seats, as the Magazine explained last week.)

The Sun, too, realises that there is a market in tight-fisted travellers. It reports that a US firm is selling a 28-pocket coat designed for this very purpose.

"With more pockets in your big mac than the Crucible during the World Snooker Championships, you even have room for clothes, shoes and accessories," it says.

Paper Monitor's cheque is in the post.


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