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16:23 UK time, Friday, 25 June 2010

Carey (Thursday letters), surely we can deduce it? There's Twilight, New Moon and Breaking Dawn. If I'm missing any, it must be either Midnight or That Ungodly Hour When The Birds Start To Sing And You Know You'll Never Get Back To Sleep Now.
Andrew, Oxford, UK

Carey, my fellow Surrey dweller, I should introduce you to my husband some time. He's dragging me to the next film from the angsty vampire series, and I suspect it's possible retribution because I've made him watch so much football recently.
Debbie, Croydon, UK

Carey, we've established long ago that, based on stereotypes, Paper Monitor is either a gay man or a woman from many clues (including an obsession with chocolates, reality TV, judging clothes worn by various females on the first few pages of the Telegraph/Sun/Mail, and not ever mentioning the sports pages unless forced to with a large vuvuzela shaped object) it's just unfortunate that only those letters disagreeing you will ever get published...
Bas, London

Can someone please call ACAS to help Nick (Thursday letters) and Judy (Wednesday letters) settle their simmering workplace dispute before it all gets out of hand?
Moose, Belgium

AnnieMouse (Thursday letters), of course you adore Bounty bars, you are (I would hazard a guess) female. It is men that don't like Bounty bars, women do like them. Do your own statistical analysis (ask your mates) and I suspect you will find my theory holds water.
Ellie, Herts


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