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17:39 UK time, Friday, 21 May 2010

Your excellent commentary on nettles left out one thing I learned during the course of a botany degree - they grow along walls near country pubs due to gentlemen pausing to, ahem, relieve themselves on the way home.
Megan, Cheshire, UK

Thank you, BBC, for my abrupt wake up call this morning. As usual I was enjoying my first mug of tea of the day, hunched over my laptop and trying to persuade my eyes to stay open, when I clicked on 'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists. If my eyes weren't brown, I could have been looking in a mirror thanks to that little shock.
Sarah, Oxon

Re How you would solve a problem like Eyjafjallajokull, I do particularly like the idea of a giant NANO tube.
Jo K, London

Re TV's most bizarre endings, for a great ending to a long-running show, see Friends. Ended with just the right tone, humorous and touching at the same time, and clearly wrapping things up.
Lucy P, Ashford, Kent

Oh Sharon (Thursday letters), I agree with you totally. I've had numerous "conversations" with people who obviously think they have come with children, oops - must have left them at home. What about those with teenagers parking in parent and child bays - taking it to the limit me thinks.
Joanne, Leeds

Sharon for Prime Minister!
Ellie, Herts

In the main, parents of small children are young and fit. It's us middle-aged parents of sulky teenagers that need to park closer because we can't carry that much beer too far.
Bonbon laRue, Tamworth, UK

I have long thought we need specific bays to cater for the significant section of the population that are morally disabled. This would help reduce the misunderstandings in their interactions with the general public. We of course would require a designated symbol - I suggest two fingers. The beauty of this idea is that by occupying the bay you are self-certifying your condition.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

What a week! A letter published on Wednesday and 7/7 for the first time ever on the Friday news quiz. I'm on fire! Surely rounding off the week with a second letter published is too much to hope for.
Sarah, Birmingham

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