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12:06 UK time, Monday, 3 May 2010

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Here's a fun game to play on a drizzly/sunny/drizzly Bank Holiday Monday - Where's Wally?, only not looking for Wally, and in a Spencer Tunick artwork rather than a Where's Wally? book.

Paper Monitor played it on the way to work this morning, while reading an article on Tunick's latest installation of massed naked people in Salford.

Times writer Mary Bowers was one of the 1,000 people chosen to take part, and instead of a byline picture there is a photo of her in a bathrobe. And another of Tunick organising his nudes. Is that Bowers, to the far left of the photo, below a woman shading her eyes from the sun? Or is she facing away from the camera, bottom on view?

Wherever she is, Paper Monitor can bet her colleagues at Times Towers are also playing this game. Which is why one has never been tempted to join one of Tunick's installations. Because who wants colleagues to see one's... bathrobe?

Meanwhile, Guardian writer Lucy Mangan similarly opens herself up to the searching eyes of colleagues - and readers - by appearing on the front page in her wedding get-up. Well, she does have a book to plug, The Reluctant Bride, via G2's main feature. And she does look a little, how to say, on edge in the photo. (Anyone who has recently planned a wedding will know even strangers will pass comment on your appearance/canapes/standard of bubbly. Even Paper Monitor, against its better judgement.)

But she does have some useful advice for all those brides-to-be out there:

"Tip 4: What to do about drink
Buy more.
Tip 6: What to do about dieting:
It's too late. It was too late to look how you want in the dress you want from the day you were born.... Embrace corsetry instead."

Yes, women of Britain, a right-on, muesli-munching, book-reading type from the Guardian - the Guardian - has just ripped up the Bra Burning Bible. This new feminism, it's very different from the old feminism. But at least a corset creates a handy bosom/shelf on which to rest your cake plate.


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