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10:45 UK time, Friday, 30 April 2010

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

The Daily Mail decides to splash on the acquittal of teacher Peter Harvey on charges of attempted murder after he attacked a pupil with a dumbbell.

It also gets two pages inside. The front page carries the headline "TEACHER IS CLEARED BY A COMMON SENSE JURY".

But the Sun relegates the Harvey case to page 15 and opts for a much straighter take on the story.

It's interesting to contrast this with the Sun's previous coverage of the case, most notably Kelvin MacKenzie's full page opinion piece, from just days after the 2009 attack.

In it he wrote "we need more Mr Harveys" and demanded that disruptive pupils be expelled.

"I want all these thugs cleared out of our schools and put into special barracks where they will be treated like dirt by Army personnel."

It is hard to work out why the Sun has not done more with the story today. A measure of the level of interest in it is that nearly half a million people read it on the pages of the BBC News website yesterday.

Also riffling through the Sun, Paper Monitor finds itself coming across the column of Frankie Boyle.

It's a strange one, this column. Some of the humour seems a little edgy for the Sun.

"Thanks to the popularity of Avatar you can now have sex with giant blue women without having to break into a Scandinavian mortuary."

But despite the edginess, Boyle finds no space to mention the BBC Trust apologising for a joke he made on Radio 4 about Palestine being like a cake "being punched to pieces by a very angry Jew".

In fact, a search of both the Sun's database and the Nexis newspaper database fails to find evidence that the Sun carried the story at all. Again, it must have been a space shortage.

There is one truly intriguing item in Boyle's column. He notes that Paris Hilton is looking for love.

"I think Jack Tweed is available... well for the next week anyway. And then again in about four years time."

What could this be a reference to? Paper Monitor seems to recall Mr Tweed being acquitted of rape on Monday.

Surely this couldn't be an item from last week's column wrongly included in this week's? Surely not.


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