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15:57 UK time, Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Reading the article on Ofsted results in the autumn inspections, 9% outstanding, 40% good, 40% satisfactory and 10% inadequate. What happened to the other 1%? And how does Lib Dems Mr Laws work out that half the schools were not good enough - unless being satisfactory is not satisfactory?
Geoff Halford, Grong-over-Sands, England

Liberal Democrat Shadow Schools Secretary, David Laws said: "...the bottom line is that half of schools inspected were not good enough." The last time I checked, satisfactory meant acceptable, so only 10% of schools are in trouble, not half. Mr Laws either can't read, or can't add up!
Sharon, Nailsea, UK

I don't like speed cameras either, but they are there for a reason. My husband is alive today because the car he bounced off was being driven at the speed limit. Get over it Claire Armstrong, stop spinning the story to her own agenda and drive at the limit.
Sharon, Nailsea, UK

A case of premature rejection?
Lee Pike, Auckland, New Zealand

This headline is hardly a surprise as most Americans struggle to find England on a map let alone a city other than London. Now had they chosen Grimsby as their base, it would be a totally different story.
Louisa Hibble, Leicester

As I often like to point out to rail passengers, if you have a seat reservation then under the national conditions of carriage they have to give you a seat. Theoretically, if First Class was full one of them would have to give up their seat to a Standard Class ticket holder. Failing that you could sit with the driver.
John Airey @BBC News Magazine

As the Monitor now seems to be publishing letters about BBC news articles that are 10 months old (Tuesday's letters), this is an ideal opportunity for me to vent about something that bothered me the first time the "Marmite Jesus" article was around. There's a nice close crop of the Marmite lid with the opportunity to "Enlarge Image" below. Might I suggest that "Expand Image" would be a better phrase, because the "Enlarge Image" option actually makes the Marmite lid smaller. That feels so good to get off my chest. My apologies for the slightly "ranty" missive.
Kevin Pedant, Derby

I'm very conflicted. Love the new BBC homepage, but can't jump straight to dear ol' Magazine Monitor from there. The blogs section has gone. Can you sweet talk them into giving it back?
Natalie, York

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