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Your Letters (Part Two)

14:29 UK time, Friday, 19 February 2010

"Jellyfish bride humidity disaster area". Best. Description. Ever.
Paul Maplesden, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Rhiannan (Letters Pt 1, Friday) should know that there is only one correct use for a Woman's Weekly and she should refer to Victoria Wood for the specifics. Mind the Hostess trolley on the way out though.
Jaye, Rutland, England

You really shouldn't use "sex" and "weapon" in the same headline.
Basil Long, Nottingham

Re Kay Burley's (herself a Catholic) "whoopsie" over John Biden's Ash Wednesday mark on his forehead reminds me of the true occassion in Australia of a street seller vending crosses around Eastertime. His pitch was: "Two dollars for a cross and only three for one with the little man nailed to it." He had to disappear rapidly when a crowd turned on him.
Tim McMahon, Pennar/Wales

The link to this article states "Parents' anger after girl told by health officials she's overweight" however, in the actual article it says "Mrs Davies told BBC News she was more 'bemused' by the letter than angry." So, is she angry or not?
Edd, Cardiff

I think Monitor needs to start treating his or her underlings with a bit more love and sympathy. The underling responsible for the non-appearance of last Wednesday's letters got told off too, and look what happened? Have you considered that the underling might just be getting demotivated? You need to nurture your underlings and encourage them by buying them tea-cakes and stuff like that. A happy underling is a productive underling...
Adam, London, UK


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