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15:29 UK time, Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Re: Should we all think again before we go and buy a lottery ticket? According to Herodotus, Croesus was in fact spared from being burned alive by Cyrus the Great after recounting the advice he had received from the Athenian statesman Solon. Solon had pointed out (to derision at the time) that the average man lives for 26,250 days, good fortune on one may be offset by bad fortune on the next, and so one should never take things for granted. There isn't really the space here for an in-depth discussion, but suffice it to say that if any bearded Greeks tell Mr Page that they know of someone happier than him, he should (a) agree with them, and (b) not subsequently invade Persia.
Edward Green, London, UK

Let me think... no more worrying about budgeting for my monthly bills, rent, train fare, gym fees, food shopping and so on... you'd be able to do your dream job and not worry about what it pays... you could go on holiday, when you need a holiday (rather than when you can afford a holiday)... I can think of more... So YES, it would! I think if the question was "does having countless possessions make you happy?" then maybe that's a NO.
Rob Elwell @BBCNewsMagazine

Regarding the Vatican's list of recommended albums (Daily-Mini Quiz), no Black Sabbath then?
Martin, Manchester, UK

"Men come in all shapes and sizes and so do condoms." Different sizes, fair enough. But different shapes?
Adam, London, UK

Re Louisa's observation (Monday letters) that Pauline Hanson might want to rethink her move to the UK from Australia because of its "high taxes" and "over-regulation", no no Louisa, I want to take great pleasure in watching her find out for herself.
Jim O'Connor, Winchester

Dear BBC - can we call this TwitterGate and keep the reports to 140 characters or less?
Paul Dunning, Chelmsford, UK

Surely one of the earliest crash blossoms would be "Many hands make light work".
Paul Greggor, London

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